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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Westward bound

...maps, dreams, ready to go!

Guess what! Denise & I are going to jump onto a plane on Friday to fly to the other side of the country. It's time to wander in the desert and to visit red rocks. Oh! that will be so different from the island vacations we've already taken this year.

Where are we going? We're going to start in one of our favorites, Death Valley National Park. Oh! you're right, first we're going to fly from Manchester, NH to Las Vegas. We should arrive early in the afternoon, and then we'll drive to Death Valley to wander for a few days. After that we'll be looking for red rocks in two parks in Nevada, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, and Valley of Fire State Park.

I've been busy making sure that Denise doesn't forget anything. I pulled out the topo map of Death Valley and road maps of both California and Nevada, I made sure that her electronic toys (and the batteries for her camera) were charged, and I've even started pulling out clothes so she can just throw things in her bag. We're almost ready to leave, just one more day...

--- Rover

Denise just reminded me that some people reading this may be meeting me for the first time. If this is the first time you're reading my words (and even if it isn't!), here are a couple of photos of me. I'm Denise's partner in travel! I usually sign my posts, but sometimes I forget. You can tell it's me writing though; my posts are the ones with the slanty writing.

The first photo is from Iceland, just before we left the hostel in Vik to head for the glaciers. I was looking out at the rain, chatting with the weather wizard and asking for a day with some dry patches between the wet. The wizard was quite nice to us that day! I don't think we'll need to worry about rain in Death Valley, although Denise told me she would love to be in Death Valley when it rains. That doesn't happen very often. Did you know the average rainfall in Death Valley is less than two inches a year? I just wandered to the National Park Service site to get more information on the weather. Are you interested too? Click here for some weather and climate information.

The second photo is from our wander in Death Valley National Park last November. Can you see the crusty surface? We were bouncing down a trail past the turnaround point on the Salt Creek boardwalk. I think I want to bounce down that trail again.

rover in Iceland

rover in Death Valley, 2009