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Saturday, January 01, 2011

A warm January day

Today was a gift from the weather wizard, a warm (January) day with temperatures in the 50s. It was a perfect day for a long walk along the coast. I headed to the Wells Reserve at Laudholm with winter walking boots and my camera.

Yes, I did think about wearing my lightweight suitable for dry weather walking shoes. Luckily I thought twice since there was still a bit snow on the ground from last week's storm. The path to the shore was packed snow but there were a few deeper puddles, and I just had to walk through a few fields of snow on my way to possible photos.

Like last Wednesday's wander, the tide was heading out, leaving a shiny wet but sturdy surface for walking and reflections.

There were times when it was quite difficult to see the transition from ocean to sky. The sky seemed to be wearing a layer of white along the horizon, even as patches of blue popped from behind the clouds.

patterns in clouds and reflections, wells reserve

sea to sky, reflections

snow covered field, bare branches of a tree in winter

More photos from today can be found in the gallery Wells Reserve - 2011. As 2011 progresses and I visit this favorite place again, new photos will continue to jump into this gallery. Newer photos will always be shown at the beginning of the gallery.