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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Chasing light

The weather wizard gave us a sky decorated with clouds again today. I know, I know, Denise likes cloudy skies. We spent part of the day chasing the light as the sun popped through the clouds to highlight different mountains. And wouldn't you know that Denise found water for her camera play again today? We're in the desert; how does she manage that?

Today was a two-park day... Red Rock Canyon sandwiched our visit to Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. We watched a video about the site, wandered through the ranch house, and then stepped outside.

We poked our heads down a trail next to the house, and oh! A roadrunner skittered down the trail as we were watching. Wow, those birds are fast! I wanted to see a roadrunner on this trip, so happy! Have you seen one yourself? Click here for a photo and some information. You can even click on the little triangle under "Call, rattle" to hear the bird speaking.

Time to walk... we headed towards Lake Harriet, a large reservoir on the property. It was very nicely reflecting trees and mountains in mainly smooth water. Funny, black-headed ducks paddled across the water, carrying on a constant conversation. It was calming, a good spot to stay for a while.

Finally we wandered back into Red Rock Canyon. We didn't focus on any particular trails. I was happy to bounce in several spots in the park. Late in the afternoon the sun decided to play, and we followed the light.

Tomorrow is a travel day. Before we travel there will be time for enjoying the red-painted rocks.

--- Rover