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Friday, October 15, 2010

A progression of layers

I added blinking lights to my walking attire a few weeks back, my first concession of the "moving into walking in darkness and cool temperatures" season. This week it was time to adjust layers for warmth.

For my first early evening walk this week I wore a pair of capri-length tights and a combination of a light sleeveless long-underwear weight shirt plus a light t-shirt. Oops, not warm enough. My arms were quite chilled and felt non-moving by the time I returned home.

The next night I added a windbreaker. Better, but not good enough... I still had cold hands.

One more walk, one more addition, this time fleece glove/mittens from Sahalie.

Ah, much better!

I thought that would probably be enough new layers for the week, but I was wrong. Tonight's walk was in a chill wind and a bit of rain. The temperature when I headed out was 45 degrees (Fahrenheit), with the wind-driven rain taking it down to about 38 degrees. Brrr...

It was a walk in new layers, full-length fleecy tights, a fleece shirt topped by a rain jacket, fleece hat, and of course my fleece glove/mittens. Perfect! I returned home with a warm core, water dripping from but not penetrating my outer layers. Yup, I think I've jumped right back into cold weather layering.