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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Can you hear the wind?

The wind stayed with me all day long, howling, constant...

I had been thinking about starting by hiking the Bubbles this morning, but the wind made me think again. After yesterday's mountain top winds I decided that today would be a good "low" day.

The wind was so strong that there were waves on Jordan Pond. The trail around the lake hugs the shoreline and is a little over 3 miles of walking. My unscientific measurement (using a piece of paper and a topo map) puts the lake at about 1.3 miles of constant choppy waves. The mountains rising above the lake wore a combination of colored trees and exposed rock. On the east side of the lake it was easy walking. The west side started as a wide trail, changed into a section of uneven rocks (making for interesting walking, pay attention!), and then into a series of what "A Walk in the Park" Guidebook calls bogwalks. That was interesting walking. It should have been easy, but it felt a bit odd. The bogwalk is made of split logs, two wide, above rooted and wet ground. That's wide enough for only one person, and while the logs were right next to each other, walking with a normal gait didn't quite work. The rocky and split logs part of the trail required paying close attention to where I placed my feet. In case you are wondering, yes, I still managed to look at my surroundings.

To go along with today's theme of staying low, I headed to the western side of the island for a little ocean walking near Seawall, a walk down the wooded Wonderland trail leading to a low rocky coastline. I stopped again to walk at Eagle Lake on my way back to my home for the night.

The forecast for tomorrow is continued chill with mostly sunny skies. While today's pure blue skies were beautiful, I'm hoping for a few clouds as decoration.