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Friday, July 30, 2010

What camera?

Oh no, not again!

Damn cameras. Wouldn't you know that my camera started misbehaving tonight, when I'm leaving in the morning for two days of wandering in Maine? And yes, those days were slated to be for camera play.

I don't know what made me turn the camera on tonight. It turned on as usual, but when I went to clean the sensor, something just wasn't right. I heard the mirror lock up, and then nothing. Turned the camera off and back on again. Still nothing. Pulled the battery plus turned the camera off and back on. It came back on in sensor cleaning mode, then nothing. Crap! That's the same problem I had in December, right before I was heading to Death Valley. And crap again! The repair came with a 6-month warranty, and it's been seven and a half months.

I know, I know, it might be a different problem, but from the outside looking in (without the benefits of a camera technician's eyes) it feels like exactly the same problem. If the replacement part lasted only this short amount of time I'm not sure I want to attempt another repair. My reaction? I started pricing cameras. Yes, I do already know what I want. Does that surprise you?

Then I called Canon Service. The person who was helping me said he would try to get a free repair given the quick failure. Even with the possibility of a free repair I was feeling pretty uncomfortable about it. If it wasn't the same problem... But it feels like it is. A part failed and was replaced with a new one. Another failure? Oh! It turns out there is another option. I can have my current camera repaired, or I can take advantage of Canon's customer loyalty program. The program allows owners of no longer functioning Canon cameras to purchase a refurbished body for a significant discount in exchange for the broken camera.

A new-to-me camera will be joining me next week. It's one that has been lurking in the back of my mind since it was released last year. Yes, it's an upgrade for me, a Canon 7D.