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Sunday, July 04, 2010

A walk in the ocean

Yes, I really do mean in the ocean. I started walking by the sea, but the water enticed me to move away from dry sand. And yes, I did have a camera slung around my neck!

Let's start at the beginning though...

I thought about heading to the coast yesterday afternoon after I finished riding. Thought, but didn't go. And oh! I'm so lucky I waited until this morning. Why? Yesterday's sky was a pure uninterrupted blue, and today's was decorated by bright white clouds. Beautiful.

I walked today at the Wells Reserve. I emerged from the woods onto the beach to find the reserve beach (the portion of the beach to the northeast of my entry point) to be quiet, populated with walking humans and walking and flying birds. The beach to the south sprouted colorful towels and umbrellas, but within the reserve it was a good walking spot.

I started walking on the hard sand near the water, but I very quickly found myself walking in the water. My feet were clad with perfect protection plus water-happy sandals, happy. The tide was low, so low that it was possible to walk across the estuary in just over ankle-deep water. After wandering in the area behind the beach along the snaking water I saw that people were now crossing in water that was at or above their knees.

coastal reflections

low tide, emerging shapes

sparkling water

There are more photos in the gallery Wells Reserve - 2010. The gallery is ordered with the newest photos first. When you get to photos showing brown grasses and a bit of snow you've moved beyond the photos that jumped into my camera today.