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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dashing through raindrops

The weather forecast was a bit of a moving target today. When I checked it last night, it called for rain starting by 11AM. This morning's forecast pushed off the start of the falling drops to 2PM. Hmmm....

I headed out early on my bike, determined to have a dry ride. The sky was somewhat gray & cloud-filled when I started, but it morphed to a bright blue with fluffs of white. Nice.

I decided to risk a wet afternoon wander. Destination? The New Hampshire coast.

Fuller Gardens pulled me in for another visit. I walked, eyes absorbing the colors of the roses. Ah, a loud clap of thunder... and then the rain came. I wasn't ready to leave, so I ran back to my car to fetch the umbrella that I should have had close to hand. I walked through the roses sheltered by fabric, chatting with a couple who also refused to leave. Heavy rain changed to sprinkles, and then stopped.

I can't tell you how long I was in the gardens; time just disappeared.

Continuing my wanders along the coast, I carried one lesson with me - an umbrella traveled with me as I walked. From dry to raindrops, to dry, back to light rain, dry again, repeat. I was very lucky though - just after I pointed my car towards home, the skies opened up. Rain...

Hey, I need to write a little today too! Yes, I was wandering with Denise today, although I have to admit I hid in Denise's camera pack during the heavier rain. I wonder... do you think I can find a big umbrella that would attach to Denise's shoulders to shelter me and her camera as we walk in the rain? I searched on the web and I did find a silly umbrella hat, but that just won't do. It is much too small - it would protect Denise's head but not me and not her camera.
--- Rover
yellow daisies

clouds over water, impending rain

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