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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jumping to mid coast Maine

I told Denise I wanted to write today. I think she needs a break, and I haven't played with words for a while...

We headed to mid coast Maine for a change of pace. A drive, a wander, a night away from home, a little more wandering tomorrow. We headed up I-95, then switched to I-295 and then route 1. The ride was fine until a few miles south of Wiscasset where we came to was seemed like a total stop. Slow, slow, until we crossed the bridge over the Sheepscot River. That was really odd. There was nothing slowing down the traffic, no block. And when we headed south again in the late afternoon we could see the northbound traffic was still really slow. I'm glad we're not heading back that way again tomorrow!

We started with a wander through the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. So beautiful, even though I think it would be prettier in the spring than after a few hot summer weeks. Next stop was Boothbay Harbor, and then a drive back up the Boothbay Peninsula to head south again.

Tonight we're staying in Bath. We're staying at the recently opened Hampton Inn in a room that looks out on the Kennebec River. Right after we got here we went walking through town, and then we walked across the bridge over the river. We could see a railroad bridge next to us, and we even saw a train crossing the river. It's one of those lift bridges that have a section that can be raised to let bit boats through. And as we looked to the south we could see boats and tall cranes. Bath is the home of Bath Iron Works, a very big shipyard.

Late in the day Denise decided that we should drive to the beach to see the beauty of late day light. We were going to go to Popham Beach State Park; instead we drove a little past there to Fort Popham. We went into the fort for a bit, and then we walked along the beach. There were pinks and blues reflecting in shimmering water. It looked like a painting! I have a feeling that we'll head back that way in the morning.

It was a good day.

--- Rover