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Saturday, July 17, 2010

High tide

Twice each day, the ocean takes back the beach.

It was late afternoon when I arrived at Wells Reserve for an ocean walk. I could hear the waves as soon as I stepped out of my car - even though it's a good 3/4 of a mile from the parking lot to the beach.

It was close to high tide, and the ocean was definitely in control. At the entry point to the beach, it was only possible to walk to the north. South? There was only water, no beach.

It was quite a contrast from my low-tide visit just two weeks ago. At low tide, the beach stretched from waving grasses across exposed sand, walking surfaces felt close to flat. High tide walking was harder; there was a definite slant to the remaining beach.

The difference was evident at the Little River mouth. Two weeks ago I could wade across. Today? Waves filled the area, no wading across!

rolling waves, no walking!

Look to the estuary. Two weeks ago there was just a small amount of water. Today? A lot! Two photos taken from a similar spot.

two weeks ago, a little water

today, lots of water!

The waves were beautiful, and so were reflections in pools. This is turning into a favorite spot for me!

spreading waves, wet feet

blue sky, clouds reflecting in water

More photos from my ocean walk today can be seen in the gallery Wells Reserve - 2010.