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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Visions of Death Valley

It was a magical five days in Death Valley National Park...

I posted journal entries from the road, but sharing photos needed to wait until I returned home. My journal is now complete - including photos and travel information - and my photo galleries contain visions to share.

You can read my thoughts and musings and view some photos in my journal What's in a name? And you can wander over to my Death Valley photo galleries too. There is some overlap of photos between the two locations, but there are also photos in both places that are not in the other.

I've included a randomly generated photo from each of the five galleries below. You can click on a photo or the name of the gallery to access it directly, or you can use the link above to see the gallery grouping.

A trail, a wash, a slot, anywhere!

Sand Dunes on the edges of the day

Mosaic Canyon

Twenty Mule Team Canyon

Zabriskie Point