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Friday, November 16, 2007

Morning jam

Jam? No, not jam for morning toast, a traffic jam!

Or perhaps I should call it a turkey jam.

I turned in to the office this morning, and saw what looked from afar like extra rocks scattered across the lawn outside of the parking garage. Rocks? No rocks last night, they can't be rocks...

My car rolled forward, and I very quickly registered what my eyes were seeing. It was a flock of turkeys. Turkeys congregate outside of my (office) windows during the colder months, and I saw my first flock of the season last week. This morning's gaggle of birds was prancing on the lawn, and standing in the entryway to the parking garage. I rolled forward a little bit, then stopped, and waited. A couple of the gangly birds moved onto the grass, then a couple more. I was about the start rolling again when the clump of birds to my left who were now separated from the larger flock decided to race across the driveway to join their friends.