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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hidden at dusk

As I was driving down a narrow neighborhood street just after sunset, two dark images darted in front of my car. It appeared to be two young women, exercising, running... They were clad in dark clothing, with the only reflective material the tabs on the heels of their running shoes.

What do you suppose they were thinking?

Not only were they hiding in the dark in their very dark clothing, they chose to run out in front of a moving automobile. I suppose that they weren't thinking at all, were they?

And yes, you're absolutely right, I do walk on those same streets when there isn't a light in the sky. I wear a light colored jacket with reflective panels across the back and on the sleeves. I wear a reflective belt, and I wear bright blinking lights - two red blinkies on my belt facing to the back, one blue blinking light on my belt facing to the front, and two blue blinking lights around my (upper) right arm. I walk on the left side of the road facing traffic, so the blue blinkies on my arm are directly pointing to approaching drivers. I've had people stop me to tell me they thought I was a police car, a good confirmation that I am very visible.

My lights? They are Firefly™ Supernova lights from Road ID. I highly recommend them.