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Sunday, April 01, 2007

What time is it?

Early this morning was the "old" time to switch from standard time to daylight savings time. Unfortunately, some of the clocks in my sister's house thought that today was still the time to spring forward...

Several years ago our parents got caught up in the magic of atomic (or radio-controlled) clocks - clocks that regularly check and reset the time based on a radio signal from Fort Collins, Colorado to ensure that the time is always correct. Unfortunately, these clocks also automatically adjust for daylight savings time, apparently based on the old "standard" calendar for switching between standard and daylight savings time.

This morning? The clocks were an hour ahead of where they should have been. Luckily I set my own traveling alarm, and my watch matched my clock - not the clock that lived in the room that I was borrowing. I knew that I still had another hour to sleep when my mother attempted to convince me that it was time to get up based on the time on her clock.

Oops! It makes me wonder if the clock manufacturer can do anything to adjust the daylight savings switch dates in these clocks automatically instead of forcing their owners to play a daylight savings game. It seems that they need a software update...