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Friday, April 20, 2007

Hey - who are you?

Ah, after days and day of wet weather - the sun returned, the roads dried out, and my bicycles were screaming to roll down the road. Luckily I grabbed a camera as I jumped on my bicycle, because I met an alpaca (at least I think he's an alpaca!) who insisted on posing for me.

I was riding down a neighborhood street when I saw a small field sandwiched between some houses. There were several animals happily crunching away, eating what must be tasty grass. My bike stopped rolling, my little camera jumped into my hand, and I walked along the fence line to try to get closer. As I got closer, my furry friend looked up and started walking closer too. Ah, a stare-down! He quickly got bored looking at me, a two-legged creature who didn't carry any food; after posing for a few photos, he happily returned to munching grass.