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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Photographer smiling

It's quite possible that my camera was totally out of control during my (too) quick visit to Zion National Park last week, but it's more likely that it was me!

Home Tuesday night - really Wednesday morning - my first task was to pull the photos off of the camera's memory cards. I started with 1090 pictures and spent several hours over the next two nights weeding them out, deleting shots that didn't scream out to be kept. That brought my total down to 850 photos. Hmmm... that's still way too many to share. It was time to pick and choose! After several long days, I managed to select 275 of those photos to share with the world.

The sheer volume of photos was caused by a couple of things. I was in a drop-dead gorgeous place, and I was walking with a camera in my hand. Dangerous, but infinitely enjoyable!

Photos can be seen in my Zion National Park - April 2007 galleries.

There are five galleries, four of which contain the full set of photos. The gallery Enticements for the eye, a map to my Zion adventures contains copies of 25 of the photos in the other four galleries; it is my attempt to provide a map to the photos.