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Monday, April 02, 2007

Looking back, dreaming forward

A fleeting visit, enjoyable but quickly disappearing into the past... I spent this past weekend with family, sharing a craft show with my mother and sister, spending an afternoon with my brother, laughing at the antics of Bailey, the crazy dachshund. The two days were packed with visiting and enjoying each other's company. Fast, fleeting, enjoyable; I feel lucky to be part of a family where there is mutual respect and friendship.

Home again on Sunday, it was time for a quick wander on my bike. Small patches of color jumped out; the crocus have come to visit, a sure sign of spring!

And yet... the weather forecast for this week is atrocious, a chill in the air accompanied by all types of precipitation. I had hoped to squeeze in some early evening rides since I'll be away from my bike for my upcoming (long) weekend. Unfortunately, given the weather wizard's return to wet, I think that riding this week is a real long shot.

My dreams are focused forward though, fastened firmly to my upcoming trip to Utah, to visions of red rocks, to absorbing beauty.

My dreams are keeping a smile on my face...