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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Step by step

To the polling place...

Election Day, a day when all residents of my town converge on the high school to vote... The polling places used to be in elementary schools, scattered throughout the town, but when the new high school opened it became the polling place for the entire town.

That makes sense from a consolidation of effort (and staffing) standpoint, but it causes problems too. The high school has a single entrance for motor vehicles, located off of a relatively narrow residential street. I remember getting trapped in a line of cars for what seemed like hours (but in fact was probably more like 30 minutes) waiting to enter the school's parking lot.

I solved that problem today though - and so did a number of my fellow voters. There is a pedestrian bridge over Route 125 leading to the athletic field of the school. I parked my car at an empty (at 6:45 in the morning) little shopping center and walked to vote. I even had company and pleasant conversation as I walked back to my car. No traffic, and my feet are always happy to transport me anywhere.

I think I'll turn this into a new habit for the future too, walk to vote!

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