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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Macro experiments

The macro lens for my camera has been calling out to me, telling me I need to experiment. I brought the camera and lens to work with me last Friday so I could capture some seeds escaping from their seed pods. They were moving in the wind, so getting them in focus was a bit hit or miss. I managed to capture a few good photos though.

Today's experiment was fun, but a little less successful from a focus standpoint. My target this afternoon was some very small fungus growing on a downed tree trunk. Not only was the fungus rippled and in multiple levels, it was also curved around the trunk. An interesting experiment... I have pictures that are a mixture of focus and fuzz.

I'm trying not to be too hard on myself; after all the macro lens is a relatively new toy. I think my playing today has shown me that while it's relatively easy to get the picture I want when my eye is on something like a single blossom, it is harder when I'm trying to capture an image of something that is really small.

My goal for the winter is to do a fair amount of playing with this lens. I am so happy to be experimenting with a digital camera where I can see the results the same day that I take the pictures as opposed to the "old days" of using film.

Experimenting can be fun...

The macro lens is unforgiving at a very close range. This fungus is actually very tiny, and my camera was very, very close to it. I find it interesting that the pieces of the picture that are in focus are the very edges of fungus on the right side of the picture.

A different result, but still interesting (to me, at least). I think it's a little more obvious in this case that the "in focus" pieces of this shot appear to be the surfaces of the fungus that are the same distance away from my lens.

Flowers are a little easier...

... and although I prefer the previous flower, I think the focus on this one is a little better.

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