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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Circling, searching...

...upstairs, downstairs, running. Mom, where are you? Mom?

Bailey is very much attached to his (ok, our) Mom. He is not happy if she isn't around and spends his time looking for her. Oh, and if you haven't already met him, Bailey is a dog, a very funny miniature dachshund.

We were sitting in the kitchen, relaxing, talking, and Bailey was sleeping in his crate in the same room. Mom got up to check something in the basement, and I continued to sit at the kitchen table. After a very short amount of time, Bailey woke up, shook his head, looked around the kitchen, and realized that his mom was missing. Time to move!

He raced down the stairs looking for her. Into the family room. Dad was sitting there, but there was no trace of Mom. Bailey looked down the stairs into the basement, but he didn't see her. He looked again. He circled the family room, running in circles. He ran upstairs. He ran back downstairs. Where's Mom? Where? Oh, there!

Bailey, you did it again, you made me laugh. You may not think so, but you're a very funny little dog. And yes, it appears that you are in charge of the household.

Hey Mom - don't you know you're not supposed to leave the room without telling me where I will be able to find you? You must realize that by now!

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