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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cool, dry, rolling, relaxing...

Ah, a quiet November weekend. A weekend for relatively short rides, a weekend for relaxing, reading, revising my short hair (no nothing different, just short!), and a weekend for remembering how many layers match cool temperatures for outside activities.

Both days sported temperatures in the 40s with Saturday in the high 40s with sunshine and Sunday staying low from both the temperature and the daylight standpoint. In fact it was gloomy enough on Sunday that I rode with clear lenses in my "sun"glasses.

I'm getting better at late-season layering. Even though I was wet with sweat by the time I finished my rides, I would have been very cold if I had left home wearing fewer layers. And I don't think I would have been comfortable (that is, warm enough) if I had stripped a layer while I was riding. Oh Denise, that's what zippers are for! Ah, yes, the jacket I wore has sleeves that can be removed - I wonder if just removing the sleeves once I warmed up would have kept me a little cooler (or dryer). Next time.

I have to admit that although I'd prefer temperatures in the 50s (supporting longer comfortable rides), a quiet activity weekend can be pleasant too. And while I hate watching the trees return to their winter bare state, there is beauty in the sight of the underlying bones of the trees, and the predominance of brown makes the occasional remaining colors absolutely pop.

The branches of most trees are bare, but vines twisting around the tree trunks somehow maintain their life as the temperatures creep downwards.

And a few very young maple sprouts have somehow held on to some brightly colored leaves.

I stopped the forward motion of my bicycle wheels to visit with this horse. I thought I'd take a picture of him happily munching away at the grass in his field, but as I approached the fence he decided to come to the fence to say hello!

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