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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Early morning surprise

Early? Amazing!

Today was a travel day for me. I always spend Thanksgiving with my family, usually in Philadelphia. That means I'm always traveling on this very busy holiday weekend. I learned a long time ago to take the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as a vacation day so I could travel very early in the morning, before the airports turn into crazy places with people jammed in every nook and cranny.

Today? I was on the first Southwest flight from Manchester to Philadelpha, with a scheduled departure time of 6:35am. We pushed back from the gate a couple of minutes early - and, almost unheard of - landed in Philadelphia a full half hour ahead of schedule. And second surprise - the gate was available. Truly awesome.

If I can't be wandering on my bike (not a reasonable mode of transportation for me for a long weekend in November with significant distance to cover) - today's flight was definitely the right way to travel!

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