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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rolling slowly

Today was a day for an earlier and shorter ride. I was still a little tired from my heat exposure yesterday, but a combination of sunshine and the prediction for a very hot and possibly rainy week ahead told me that today needed to be a riding day. My 36-mile loop within a loop was relatively close to home, and covered some roads that I haven't ridden in a while. Trees shading the roads helped keep me dry; there was no repeat of yesterday's sweat bath.

Ride done, time for quiet relaxation. My plan was to do some explorations via maps, books, and web sites in preparation for my non-planned voyage to Nova Scotia just five and a half weeks from now. I started, but somehow I didn't get too far; it was too good a day to laze with a good mystery.

Yes, that really is me, rolling down the road. My work colleagues have given me a hard time about my on-the-bike self-portraits - but the funny thing is, I'm not alone in these solo photos. And of course, I liked one of my photos so much that I used it for my non-business cards.

A curved mirror mounted on the side of the road, probably to help drivers see what's coming - but I couldn't resist playing with my camera

Thistle, sans flower (and color)... still beautiful

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