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Monday, July 10, 2006

A tree with a face

Yesterday afternoon I wandered down an odd road. It was odd for me in that it is a dead end, and while it is possible to cut through on foot or on a bike, it's a road that I don't often traverse. There was a tree that made me wish I had a camera with me. I didn't have one with me yesterday, but I made sure to grab one as my bike and I headed out of the house this afternoon.

Yes, this tree really does have a face! Just as I leaned my bike against the mailbox so I could walk closer to the tree, the woman who lives there came out. She said that her daughter has faces on all of the trees around her house and insisted that this tree needed one too. Funny.

Prize number two for heading over to this house today was that I really thought I was seeing things when the woman of the house came into the yard. Nope, it wasn't my imagination. She was accompanied by a little bunny!

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