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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dark afternoon sky

Wow. At 3 o'clock the sky turned absolutely black. The sun was so hidden that the sky looked like it was 10 at night. Flash... rumble... flash... crack!

The lightening and rumbling thunder continued, and then the sky opened up. I couldn't stay inside and watch; I just had to be outside. I stood at the entrance to my office building, sheltered by a large overhang. And I watched in wonder as the rain poured down. The sky started to lighten. Looking to the west, I could see a line of white overtaking the dark gray. And then, a torrential downpour started. It was if a faucet - not a shower - was opened at high pressure, and the entire sky was the faucet.

Noisy water, dark sky. Lightening sky, rain drops still pouring down, but easing up from the earlier torrents. Rain...
Heading home, still in rain... driving slowly through somewhat flooded roads. Ah, it's stopping.

When I arrived home the roads were almost dry, but it was clear that there had been rain. Five minutes later, the sky got dark again. Rain, another downpour... A short one this time, and look - the sun is out! A beautiful evening beckons.

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