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Thursday, July 20, 2006

An almost oops day

This week started with a continuation of last weekend's weather, very hot and humid. A return to more reasonable conditions was predicted for Wednesday, and based on that I planned to ride my bike to work on both Wednesday and Thursday. Yesterday's ride was wonderful - no more humidity definitely creates riding pleasure.

I checked the forecast when I woke up today, and saw that it called for mainly sunny skies and a 10% chance of showers. I thought I'd count on the 90% chance of no showers, so I headed out on my bike. Funny though, when the sun was fully up, the sky was mainly gray with very few blue patches glowing through the clouds. I checked the forecast again when (my bike and) I arrived at the office. Hey - it now shows a 40% chance of rain. That's definitely a potential ouch, since I prefer to ride on dry roads.

I kept an eye to the sky and to the radar throughout the day, thinking that if the weather started to turn in what I considered the wrong direction that I could head home early and work from home for the rest of the day. It was a lucky day though - no rain, and I was able to leave at my normal time. Success!

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