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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

assembly required

I decided recently that it was time to look for (and purchase!) a new computer desk. The one I was using is over 20 years old; it was inexpensive at the time I purchased it and it now looks pretty worn.

I spent some time browsing sites online and decided to purchase a desk that I found on wayfair.

computer desk by OneSource

The top is glass and the legs are steel; once it was assembled it felt very sturdy.

I always wonder if I will be able to manage assembling items like this desk. This time, the answer was yes! The instructions were clear, and overall the assembly process was easy. The only issue I had was attaching the keyboard tray to the sliding supports. Everything except the tray was pre-drilled. Given that it was black, it was hard for me to see the tiny indentations where the screws needed to go. Once I saw them I was able to get the screws started before attaching it to the supports. Whew!

I like the simplicity of this desk.