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Monday, May 16, 2016

on the wall

I'm still working through selecting the contents of my newly painted walls. Some photos and artwork that lived on the walls before are jumping back on the walls, some are not. I'd like to think I've evolved as a photographer over the years. As part of that I've become more selective.

It's funny, there are a couple of photos that I took a long, long time ago that have been re-hung.

Most of my later work was printed on either metal with a block on the back causing it to float off of the wall or on canvas wrapped around a wooden frame with part of the photo visible on the sides of the frame.

I had a large canvas print (20 x 30 inches!) in my office that was flat mounted on a board. It was sitting on a small surface-level easel leaning up against the cubicle wall. I moved the print home and quickly realized that I wouldn't be happy with the flat print simply attached to the wall, time for a frame. Luckily the local frame shop had a 50% off sale when I walked in; I had forgotten how much framing something can cost. I chose a metal frame in a rusty color to complement the photo. Since the photo was printed on canvas I opted to leave it natural, no glass. I picked up the framed photo and it jumped onto a wall. I'm happy!

There are more photos to hang, all printed on metal. It will a bit more time for me to focus on the right locations.

framed canvas print
a view from high in the Lake District, framed canvas print