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Saturday, May 07, 2016


There was mist in the air this afternoon giving us reasonable walking conditions. We bounced along the coast on a trail named Ocean Path, stopping when Denise felt pulled to absorb more of our surroundings.

Our first stop was Sand Beach at high tide. There was ocean water pooling around the bottom of the steps that allow access to the beach. We stood on the stairs long enough to see that we weren't going to get stuck on the beach by the very high water. I wish I had grabbed Denise's phone to record the sound of the ocean - it was simply amazing!

As we bounced down the path and wandered over the rocks we watched the ocean crashing against the rocks.

along Park Loop Road, fog, rocks, ocean waves

Eventually we turned around and retraced our steps. We jumped back into the car and continued around Park Loop Road. I was happy when Denise stopped at Jordan Pond. It's such a magic place when there are cloud and fog decorations.

rocks in Jordan Pond

It was a very good day!

--- Rover