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Thursday, May 05, 2016

a quick escape

I was about to nudge Denise (a couple of weeks ago) to tell her we needed an Acadia visit when I heard her talking to Evin on the phone. Oh! we were both thinking the same thing!

Today we're headed east in Maine for a quick escape. We're stopping to visit with a friend in Yarmouth, then tomorrow we'll drive until we find Acadia National Park. Evin's Holland Inn in Bar Harbor will be our home away from home for a couple of nights. I'm happy! I like staying there, and I like bouncing on the rocks that line the coast at Acadia.

The weather wizard told me there is a chance of showers for most of our wandering days. I think that will be OK since Denise likes gray days for playing with her camera. She has a good rain jacket, and I can hide in a jacket pocket or jump into the camera bag if it's really wet out. Don't tell Denise; I've figured out how I can look out even when I'm protected in the camera bag. I'm careful not to let any water get to the camera and lenses (even though Denise doesn't worry if they get a little wet).

--- Rover

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