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Thursday, December 11, 2014


It's a little after 7 PM and we're sitting at Logan Airport waiting to board our plane. It's at the gate now and people are streaming out. Soon the people flow will change directions and we'll be boarding and then flying. It's a long flight, scheduled for over 6 hours. I told Denise it might be good if she takes a nap; I'm not sure that she is listening though.

Our trip to the airport took a little longer than expected. There is a lift bridge near the place where we park and the bridge was UP. Oh yikes! We sat waiting and waiting, then Denise figured out how to jump up a little further and then turn into the parking lot. Phew! I think we could easily have been there for a quite a while.

Before we left the house we had a late afternoon snack of yogurt and fruit. I didn't think that was enough food... I guess Denise thought the same because we stopped at Legal Seafood (in the airport terminal) for some clam chowder. That was a treat!

Airplane time soon... we'll board, sit down, take off, fly for hours, then land in Las Vegas. Tomorrow we'll start our wanders in beautiful parks. I'm happy!

--- Rover