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Monday, December 15, 2014

to California!

I was right when I said today was going to be a long day... our destination for the day was Death Valley National Park.

The drive is just under 2 hours so even though we traversed the route twice it still gave us a good number of hours to wander in the park. Denise said it was a day of ever-changing light. Sometimes it was mostly cloudy and boring, sometimes the light was pure magic.

My favorite walking spot today was the Salt Creek Trail. It's a boardwalk trail and you're supposed to stay on the boardwalk - but at the furthest point there is a big block of wood that serves as a step down and a trail that continues beyond the boardwalk. I don't know if people are supposed to walk there but there was a narrow worn trail and I decided it was a good spot for bouncing. Denise followed me (and there were clearly people there before us) so I suppose it must have been OK. We walked and walked on the flat surface and eventually came to more water. I really like seeing the water in the desert. It feels like it shouldn't be there at all, and that makes it seem special.

--- Rover
beyond Salt Creek, Death Valley