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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

heading west

Oh! Our trip west is coming up; soon I'll be able to bounce on some red rocks! I still don't understand why people call the color of the rocks red though; my coat is bright red but I don't match the rocks. They are more of a rusty color. Hmm... I suppose rusty is a shade of red. I'll let you decide - here's a photo of me at Red Rock Canyon from a few years ago.

at Red Rock Canyon

We'll be heading to Nevada on an evening flight (in a couple of days) and when we come home we'll be flying over (and all) night. That means we'll have 4 full days on the ground for our wandering. I know we're planning to visit Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and Valley of Fire State Park. It's been a while since we last visited these places.

I'm not sure what we'll be doing on our last day on the ground. Our plane isn't until 11:55 PM and the parks we'll be visiting close at sunset. That's really early this time of year. Denise told me I shouldn't worry so I guess I won't. Maybe I'll do some looking to find some evening activities for us for the last night, or maybe I'll wait and see what Denise figures out.

I know I'm ready to wander. I told Denise I want to do some writing while we travel and I'd like it if you'd read along. Will you be looking over our shoulders?

--- Rover
Valley of Fire
a winding road, at Valley of Fire State Park