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Thursday, October 30, 2014


Sunshine pulled me a bit further up the coast this morning to visit one of my favorite spots in Acadia, the Schoodic Peninsula. It was a place of solitude, a place I shared only with the birds for most of my visit. An occasional person stopped by, looked and walked a bit, headed back out. I enjoyed the quiet, listening to the sounds of the ocean and the cry of the sea gulls.

Back on Mount Desert Island I turned to Park Loop road, driving and stopping as the scenery called to me. The leaves are definitely past peak but there were still splashes of color that pulled my eyes.

Clouds started to decorate the sky; I followed them to the top of Cadillac Mountain where I walked for a bit. The light seems harsh to me, perhaps because of the angle of the sun above the horizon. Still, it was beautiful.

Before I stopped moving I walked from my home away from home to the shore to catch a glimpse of Bar Island bathed in late day light. At low tide a sand bar provides passage to the island; as you can see from the photo below the tide was high.

looking at Bar Island
- photo by phone -

It looks like tomorrow will be a good walking (weather) day. I think it's time to decide where to wander - although knowing my usual behavior I'll stop wherever my eyes pull me!