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Friday, October 31, 2014

hiking afternoon

I was a bit surprised when we headed to the other side of the island this morning. I thought we were going to hike up Gorham Mountain in the morning - but Denise said she wanted to wait until it was a little bit warmer. As it turned out, bouncing up that (little) mountain in the afternoon was good.

We started our walk at the Sand Beach parking lot, walking on Ocean Path until we reached the Gorham Mountain trailhead. Then we walked up and up, starting in the woods then reaching the rocky top of the mountain. There were wonderful views... we could see all of the way back to Sand Beach!

view from Gorham Mountain, Acadia National Park
--- photo by phone ---

From the big mound of rocks and the sign marking the high point of the trail, we kept heading in the same direction to head down the other side. Denise was careful to watch for trail markers so we wouldn't get lost. The markers sometimes were cairns (explicitly placed chunks of rocks) or short lines of blue paint. I tried to watch for the markers too but some of the blue paint was a little bit faded. With both of us looking we were able to stay on the trail.

The character of the trail changed as we headed downhill. There were sections of dirt trail, sections of granite rock tilted downhill, and at the end, sections where I had to hop from one rock to the next. Can you see the trail?

can you see the trail?
--- photo by phone ---

Denise said we're going to walk some flat trails tomorrow.

--- Rover