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Saturday, September 06, 2014


Wow - the storm that just blew through here was wild!

I headed out for a late afternoon walk under skies that still wore white fluffy clouds against a bright blue background. I wasn't quite at my planned "turn for home" spot when a man standing by his house called out to me. He told me there was a tornado warning, suggesting that I head home. I thanked him and decided that turning towards home would be smart.

There was still some visible blue in the sky but the clouds grew dark. I heard the rumble of thunder and saw the flash of lightening. I walked faster.

The rain started when I was a short two blocks from home. In the last block a driver pulled over, stopped, and told me she would be happy to drive me home; the rain was coming down hard enough at that point that it was difficult to see. I thanked her, telling her that I lived in the condos on the other side of the fence. It's nice to have people show they care, isn't it?

Home again, I switched from dripping to dry clothes, dried the floor (from my traipsing through wearing very wet clothes!), and settled in. I closed one set of windows to stop the driving rain from entering, leaving the others open.

I watched the driving rain, listened to the downpour and the thunder, saw the flashes of lightening. I love watching wild storms, especially when I know I am in a safe spot.

What an awesome storm!