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Sunday, January 05, 2014

to Parker River

The weather wizard said that today would be a warm day for winter; it felt like it would be a good day for a walk by the ocean. I suggested to Denise that we head to the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge and she said yes.

We headed out in the middle of the morning, waiting for just a little warmth. The temperatures actually edged into the 30s while we were walking on the beach. That was really nice!

I think Denise has a much easier time walking on the beach when the tide is going out. It was coming in today and I had to keep reminding her to watch the water. I'm really surprised she didn't get wet - she kept looking through her camera at the ocean moving onto the beach, forgetting that the wave sets were coming further inland each time.

When we left Parker River I thought we were heading straight home. Nope, we stopped again! As we drove over the bridge from Plum Island back to the mainland Denise liked the colors of the sky and water. She found a place to leave the car so we could walk back up on the bridge. Oh! The blue sky was reflecting in the water, so beautiful.

--- Rover
snow, sand, and water, looking south in Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

from the bridge to Plum Island, looking to the north

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