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Friday, January 03, 2014

how deep?

There is still light snow falling. The winter weather advisory is in effect until 10 AM (today) with the wind chill advisory continuing until 9 AM tomorrow. It's really winter, isn't it?

I ran outside with a measuring tape in the hopes of seeing how much snow is on the ground, finding a spot that looked like it hadn't drifted. That patch of snow was about 15 inches deep. It looks deeper out back but it's entirely possible that the wind pushed the snow against the building. Funny thing though - the air conditioning unit looks like it has a layer of snow that is much deeper than 15 inches. I checked the snow depths reported on the National Weather Service site and saw a town just to the east of us reported 21 inches and a town just to the south is reporting 10 1/2 inches. News reports yesterday said that this storm was behaving like a thunderstorm, that heavy snow was falling in pockets. Oh, and they said that some of the snow was ocean-effect snow, similar to the lake-effect snow that happens near the Great Lakes.

I'm sure Denise and I will be going for a walk later in the day (even though it's really really cold outside). For now, here's a photo of a tree and sideways-falling snow from yesterday's cold wander.

--- Rover
a tree standing in blowing snow