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Thursday, January 02, 2014

a snowy day

It's been snowing steadily all day, and it's been getting colder too. When I looked at the National Weather Service page for our town earlier today it said that the temperature was 11 degrees (Fahrenheit). Now it shows at 4 degrees with a wind chill temperature of -17. Yikes, that's cold!

Oh, I started my story in the middle... let's go back to early this morning. When Denise went to bed last night she said she planned to work at home today, but when she woke up and only saw light snow she changed her mind. Luckily I jumped into the car with her this morning; it was easy to convince her that working at home was smarter after she felt the slippery surface of the road. We drove in a big square to get home again and she settled in to work here. Phew! Sometimes she really does silly things!

Last night the projected snow totals map showed our house in the 10-14 inches of snow band. This morning we were moved to the 8-10 inch band. Now? The map changed again and I'm not sure where we are. We seem to be on the edge between a 10-14 inch band of snow and a 14-18 inch band. It's already way over my head, but it's not too deep for Denise (yet). She could easily walk through it when she took a wandering break in the middle of the afternoon, saying that the snow is very light, fluffy, and fun to walk through.

Uh oh... it's a bit later, 7:24 PM, and I just looked at the snow depth forecast map again. I don't think I should tell Denise - now it looks like we are in a location where the prediction is for 18-24 inches of snow. Double yikes!

trees collecting snow, snow flying sideways

I was really surprised that the big camera came with us on our walk this afternoon. Denise only took a couple of pictures because it was very hard to keep her hands warm in the thin gloves she uses (under heavier mittens) to operate the camera. I'm glad she grabbed the camera though - I think it's interesting that if you look closely you can see the snow flying sideways across this big tree.

--- Rover