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Saturday, January 25, 2014

on the wings of butterflies

Although the temperature was forecast to rise into the 30s today it looked like it would be a number of hours into the day before that happened. I thought about wandering somewhere in the snow but I felt like I needed a change of scenery - and some color! Hmm...

It didn't take too much thinking for me to remember the Magic Wings, a butterfly conservatory in South Deerfield, MA. They are open year-round, unlike a much closer-to-me butterfly conservatory, and the weather looked good for a drive. I double-checked the forecast before heading out; an almost two-hour drive (each way) in the snow didn't appeal to me. Snow showers were expected for late in the day. Given the clear but still chill morning weather I thought a drive to visit butterflies sounded good.

I arrived, purchased my entry ticket, stuffed my warm layers into the empty space in my photo backpack, and opened the door to magic. There were butterflies, a few birds, and some tropical inhabitants as well. I found the butterflies easiest to capture at rest although there were always many more flitting through the air.

Some of the butterflies showed bright blue wings when flying but that blue was hidden when they were resting; they usually rest with wings closed and the blue was only on the top surface of the wings. Very interesting.

It was wonderful to walk in a warm place and to be surrounded by splashes of color.

More photos from today's walk with butterflies can be seen in the gallery on the wings of butterflies.