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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wyoming, soon...

Oh! Denise and I are leaving for Wyoming really soon. I'm so excited!

I've been bouncing around the house trying to help Denise get organized. I think I've convinced her she needs to bring some (clothing) layers. I checked the forecasts for Jackson and Yellowstone - the nights in both places are going to be quite a bit cooler than home. The forecast show daytime highs in Jackson in the low 80s with lows in the 40s. Yellowstone is higher and cooler with highs in the high 60s or low 70s and lows in the 30s. Oh yikes! I think I'd better tell Denise to bring gloves and a hat too.

Rover high on Gorham Mountain, Acadia National Park

Here I am perched on the sign at the top of Gorham Mountain in Acadia National Park. In comparison with the mountains we'll be visiting in Wyoming, this mountain is tiny - 525 feet high. The elevation of Jackson, Wyoming is 6450 feet, and Yellowstone is even higher. The elevation of Yellowstone Lake is 7835 feet; it looks like there are much higher and much lower places in the park too. Oh! And we live at pretty close to sea level. The town we live in is at 151 feet. Hmmm...

Can you tell I'm ready to travel?

--- Rover