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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rover's airport thoughts

We landed early so we have a comfortable hour and a half here at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport.

Wow! I could feel the heat outside when we walked from the plane onto the jet bridge. I think it will be warmer at home than it has been in Wyoming - but hopefully it will be cooler than in Texas.

Our plane landed at the far end of concourse C and our next flight leaves at about the mid-point of concourse A. There is "sky train" service here but you know Denise - we walked! She said she needed to stretch her legs, and I was happy to bounce along.

Denise got a bowl of bean soup and some bread for lunch. That was probably as healthy as possible in the airport. Then we passed by a candy shop that sold candy by the pound so I talked her into picking up a treat for later. I picked out raisins and almonds coated with dark chocolate. I know, I know, most dogs can't eat chocolate. I have a special chocolate gene and it's OK for me. Yum!

Oh! We're going to be boarding our plane soon. I'd better shut down the computer for now.

--- Rover