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Saturday, August 25, 2012

heading home

It's hard to believe that I'm on my way home. I had seven days on the ground in Wyoming, enough to make me very tired, but as expected not enough to satisfy my need to wander in two beautiful parks. I knew before I headed to Wyoming that this would not be a one-time visit. I'll just need to figure out when to sandwich a return trip in with my other dream destinations.

The Jackson Hole airport is small, not too bad but a bit crowded with multiple flights leaving in close proximity to one another. I had a conversation with a woman who lives in Jackson, and she told me that the airport was expanded fairly recently. The expansion plans had to be OKed by the National Park Service; there was some concern about disrupting animal habitat (more than it was already). One of the options that was discussed at the time of the expansion was to move the airport 70 miles to the south. That would have moved it outside of the national park.

We're just under an hour from Dallas right now. I can't remember my connection time there - I think it was about an hour and a half, and we're due in about 20 minutes early. That should give me some time for a reasonable walk in the airport, time to shake out my legs and get ready to sit again.

I wish I had another day in Wyoming, but I know it will be good to have a day at home before I head back to work. It will be a day to play in my home territory, biking, walking, whatever strikes my fancy. It will be a day for laundry and grocery shopping. It will be a day to start sorting through my photos. That always takes longer than I expect!

This trip gave me good memories, good conversations with strangers, photos (I hope!), a good change from my everyday life.

Once I catch up with my after-trip activities it will be time to start dreaming of my next trip, just a short month away. Oops! that's only part of a month...