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Sunday, June 03, 2012

A Sunday update from Rover

Wow! Denise is sorting through her photos from our Acadia wander pretty quickly. I was looking over her shoulder earlier, and I think she's doing well. It probably helped that it rained all day yesterday. Denise took a break for a walk, but she wasn't tempted to wander too far; that rain was really really heavy.

Oh, I'm not getting in her way right now - she headed out for a walk, so I figured I'd use the computer while she is out. I thought about going with her, but it's sprinkling again and I want to stay dry.

I know Denise won't be finished with the photos today so I'll share a couple from Acadia now. The first was taken at the top of Cadillac Mountain early in the evening last Saturday. Look at all of the people! Denise thought there might be a lot of people in the park on the holiday weekend, and there were. I think next year we'll probably go back to a regular weekend for our spring visit. The second is a shot of me in front of Eagle Lake. I was happy to find a nice dry rock to stand on!

--- Rover
crowds on top of Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park

Rover on the shore of Eagle Lake, Acadia National Park