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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rover rambles

I just told Denise that I want to start jumping in with blog entries every so often. I always write when we're traveling, and now I think that I want to write a little more often. I'm going to start borrowing Denise's computer every so often to play with words. So maybe, just maybe, you'll see more non-trip entries from me this year.

I'll start with yesterday's snowshoe wander. I don't always go with Denise when she is doing her winter walking. Brr... it's cold outside! But when she told me she was going snowshoeing for the first time, I just had to go with her. I thought about riding on top of one of her snowshoes, but oh! there's a lot of that cold snow on the ground right now. Instead of getting wet and cold I jumped into her pack. It was snug in there, but I kept the zipper opened so I could see where we were wandering. I think Denise did really well. She only (sort of) fell one time. She didn't really end up on the ground, but she was kind of off balance. That didn't happen more than the one time though.

I wonder where we're going to travel this year? I know that Denise has two islands in mind for a big trip. She'll need to pick one of the two since they are not near each other so we can't go to both in one trip. Before a long trip I think we'll need a quick escape from winter. It's almost the end of January, and I know Denise is thinking about a long weekend somewhere. I'd better give her a push; she was thinking about the end of February or sometime in March, and she hasn't settled on a location yet. Hmm... maybe I can make the choice for her. What do you think?

--- Rover
Rover at Red Rock Canyon