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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Long feet

Last Sunday's wander in Odiorne State Park on the New Hampshire coast was gated by the fact that I was wearing (only) boots on my feet. There were places that I wanted to walk where the snow was at least knee deep and wading through deep snow wasn't high on my list of things to do. I still had a pleasant walk, but thoughts were stirring.

I've thought about buying snowshoes the last couple of winters; somehow it never moved past the thinking stage. Last Sunday evening I started by telling myself I'd head to REI one evening after work to look at and pick up a pair of snowshoes. I thought again, knowing that the likelihood of me going shopping after work was very small. Ah, saved by the web! I looked at the snowshoes stocked by REI as a starting point, read some reviews, looked at descriptions, perused the manufacturers web sites. The Atlas Snow-Shoe Company grabbed my attention, and I chose a pair from their trail walking classification. I checked the REI and LL Bean web sites for availability only to find that both were showing my choice as not in stock but available with a wait. You know me, don't you? Once I decide I need something, I don't like to wait. I did a quick web search and discovered that Zappos had the snowshoes I wanted. Their free overnight delivery worked quite well, even though the delivery was delayed by a day because of road conditions due to Tuesday's snowstorm. My new "long feet" we in my hands and ready to be used by Wednesday.

Denise's feet in snowshoes
My small foot made a bit longer by my Atlas Elektra 9 snowshoes

Today was my first day of wandering on snowshoes. My goal for the day was to get used to walking in them, and to play with my camera. I thought about using a baby camera instead of my dSLR. I went as far as to bring a little camera with me just in case I felt unsteady on my now rather long feet, but I felt comfortable on the snowshoes as soon as I started walking.

I walked in deep snow, and I walked on tracks that others had made. Both worked. Happy...

a very cold seat, a bench for relaxing, viewing the ocean, embedded in snow

golden sea grass, a path through snow, a lobster trap

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