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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

No worries

If all goes well, I will be flying across the Atlantic Ocean when this post is published. An early morning arrival in Iceland's Keflavik International Airport will be followed by a bit of a wander before I head to my B&B for the first two nights.

I plan to write and to post blog entries each day as I wander, but first, here's a little "Denise" rule.

No worrying allowed! It's entirely possible that I won't have Internet access every day, so if you don't see a post you should assume that I'm fine, that I just don't have easy access.

I'm not traveling with a cell phone. Instead I found a global phone card carrier with access from Iceland. You might think I chose them because of the name; it turns out they had the best access that I could find from afar. The name? ZapTel... As long as I have access to a phone I should be able to call back to the states.

I hope you enjoy reading over my shoulder as I wander through a small piece of a new (for me) country.