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Monday, September 13, 2010

A few photos

I think that some of you might want to see photos from our wanders in Iceland. We've only been home for two days now, and Denise is still looking through the images that jumped into her (well really our) camera. It will probably be a bit until the galleries are ready for sharing, so I told Denise that I wanted to share a few photos now, to whet your appetite for later.

These four photos were taken on the day we wandered from Vik to the glacial lagoon and then back to Skaftafell. The first photo is me, taken early in the morning as I looked through the window at the rain. Oh, you already knew that was me, didn't you? The next picture shows the raindrops on the window, with mist and rain hiding the view. The last two were taken as we wandered during the day, a quick waterfall shot just before the rain started again, and then floating blue ice that broke off of the glacier. And look, there's a duck swimming in front of the ice.

I know Denise wanted to see the floating ice with a blue sky, but I really like the gray (not that it really matters since we didn't have a choice!)

--- Rover
Rover, looking out at the rain

rain & mist, outside of the hostel in Vik

waterfall on a hillside engulfed in fog

blue ice floating