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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Red light

Did you see the new light I ordered for Denise?

When we were looking at the red glow from Kilauea one night during our too quick visit to Hawaii this winter, Denise was chatting with another photographer. The other photographer was using a red flashlight to set up her tripod and her camera, and she told Denise that her eyes don't need time to jump back to seeing in the dark after turning her red light off. It's not as much of a shock to the seeing pieces of human eyes as a white light is. Hmmm...

I thought maybe Denise would order one for herself, but she didn't. Maybe it slipped her mind. I waited a while, and then last week I decided that she must need one, so I ordered one for her. You need one too and want to know what I ordered? It's a Petzl Tacktikka. (I ordered one with a black headband, not the funny camouflage band shown in the picture if you jumped to the link.)

Oh! what fun! Denise was surprised, and happy that I thought of adding a red headlight to her photography supplies.

--- Rover

Rover with red light
The light really is red - even though the photo of me with the light makes it seem like it might be a white light. The camera must have shifted the light...

petzl tacktikka flashlight