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Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Parker River wander

Today dawned bright, with morning chill quickly turning to (mid-50s) warmth. Parker River was on my mind, a perfect match to my desire to wander by the ocean.

The boardwalk through the salt marsh was surrounded by water. Last year's plants were still in evidence, but there was so much water!

Salt marsh wander complete, I moved on to the ocean side of the refuge. I visited with some birds and walked along the beach. There was an old (very large) tire and some rusty pieces of metal, there were scattered shell debris, sand, pools of water, crashing waves, beauty.

rust, metal, on sculpted sand, beach

sea gull posing

stairs to the boardwalk, buried in sand
Yes, there really are supposed to be stairs leading from the beach to the boardwalk, not just randomly placed handrails. Sand moves, migrates...
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